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Unlock Unparalleled Protection with Ceramic Pro: Safeguard Your Vehicle’s Beauty and Value!

Experience the pinnacle of automotive protection with Ceramic Coating, the revolutionary nanoceramic coating that transforms your vehicle’s surface into an impenetrable shield. Embrace top-tier defense against the elements, scratches, UV rays, and contaminants, ensuring your car remains flawless and radiant for years to come.

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Ceramic Pro Coating

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From $399
Comes with 2 years limited warranty. Enhanced exterior protection for your entire vehicle with our Bronze Package, perfect for customers seeking renewal every 2 years
1 layer of Light as a top coat to enhance shine
1 layer of Light on exterior plastic
1 layer on wheel faces
1 layer on windshield
From $749
Comes with 5 years limited warranty. The Silver Package provides outstanding, long-lasting exterior protection for your entire vehicle. It boasts impressive resistance to scratches and unparalleled water beading capabilities.
1 layer of 9H paint protection on all painted exterior surfaces
1 layer of Light as a top coat to enhance shine
1 layer of 9H on exterior plastic
1 layer on wheel faces
1 layer on windshield
From $999
Comes with life-time limited warranty. The Gold Package is specifically crafted for individuals seeking the utmost in hassle-free, long-term protection without the need for constant maintenance.
4 layers of 9H paint protection on all painted exterior surfaces
1 layer of Light as a top coat to enhance shine
1 layer of 9H on exterior plastic
1 layer on wheel faces
1 layer on windshield
ceramic pro coating
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Go for the Pro!

Ceramic Coating is a special liquid substance that is applied by hand to the exterior body of your car. When cured, this special chemical bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a transparent extra-strong layer of protection. With this coating, you can say goodbye to waxing for good!

  • Protects your car’s exterior paint
  • Helps maintain that showroom shine
  • Self-cleaning, easy maintenance
  • Protects your investment
  • Prevent rusting
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We stand behind our product, so that’s why we now offer warranties on our various grades of ceramic coating. Our basic ceramic coating option comes with a 1 year warranty. We also offer a 5 year warranty and our deluxe coating.

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    Are Ceramic Coatings permanent?

    While some information might suggest that Ceramic Coatings form a permanent bond to the clear coat, the term “permanent” can be misleading. In reality, no coating, including Ceramic Coatings, can last forever. Over time, environmental factors such as washing, exposure to the sun, salt, dirt, and other fallout will gradually break down the coating’s protection. It is essential to understand that nothing is truly permanent, and the paint under the Ceramic Coating also has a limited lifespan. Additionally, it’s crucial to carefully examine the warranties offered for Ceramic Coatings, as they often contain fine print and loopholes that could void the warranty.

    Will Ceramic Coating peel off?

    No, Ceramic Coating does not peel off like a clear coat. When it eventually wears away, it does so gradually without peeling. The coating forms a strong bond with the clear coat, and its failure is characterized by a decline in water beading and dirt shedding qualities over time. It’s important to note that Ceramic Coating does not provide protection against rock chips, but if you do get a rock chip, it won’t compromise the entire coating.

    Is it easy to apply ceramic coating?

    Applying ceramic coating can be a bit more involved and time-consuming compared to traditional wax or sealant products. The process requires careful preparation, attention to detail, and following specific application instructions. While it’s not necessarily difficult, it does require some level of skill and patience to achieve the best results.

    Here are some key points to consider:

    Thorough Cleaning: Before applying ceramic coating, the vehicle’s surface must be thoroughly cleaned and free from any contaminants or imperfections. This often involves washing, claying, and possibly polishing the paint to ensure a smooth surface.

    Controlled Environment: It’s best to apply ceramic coating in a controlled environment like a garage to avoid dust, debris, or direct sunlight, which can interfere with the application.

    Small Sections: The coating is typically applied in small sections to ensure even coverage and prevent it from drying too quickly.

    Curing Time: After applying the coating, it needs sufficient curing time to bond with the paint. This curing period can vary depending on the specific product used.

    Multiple Layers: Some ceramic coatings require multiple layers for maximum protection, which means repeating the application process.

    While some car enthusiasts or detailers prefer to apply ceramic coatings themselves, others might opt to have it done by a professional detailer to ensure the best possible outcome. If you choose to do it yourself, make sure to do your research and be prepared to invest the time and effort required for a successful application.

    Will my car be scratch proof with ceramic coating?

    Ceramic coating does provide a level of scratch resistance and can help protect your car’s paint from light scratches and swirl marks better than traditional waxes or sealants. The coating forms a strong bond with the clear coat of your vehicle, creating a protective layer that acts as a sacrificial barrier against certain minor abrasions.

    However, it’s important to understand that ceramic coating is not a guarantee that your car will be completely scratch-proof. While it can help prevent fine scratches caused by light contact with certain contaminants or during regular washing, it won’t make your vehicle impervious to all scratches or deep scratches from more significant impacts.

    Factors such as the hardness of the object that causes the scratch, the force applied, and the angle of impact can still affect the paint surface even with ceramic coating. Additionally, ceramic coatings are not designed to protect against rock chips, key scratches, or other heavy physical damage.

    Overall, ceramic coating provides an added layer of protection and can make your car’s paint more resistant to certain types of scratches, but it is not a foolproof solution. To minimize the risk of scratches, it’s essential to continue practicing good car care habits, use proper washing techniques, and avoid potential sources of damage as much as possible.

    How does ceramic coating differ from traditional wax or sealants?

    Ceramic coating and traditional wax or sealants are two distinct types of protective products for a vehicle’s paint, and they differ in several key aspects:

    Durability: One of the primary differences is durability. Traditional waxes and sealants typically provide protection for a few months, requiring frequent reapplication. On the other hand, ceramic coatings are known for their longevity, often lasting several years with proper maintenance.

    Chemical Composition: Traditional waxes and sealants are usually made from natural or synthetic waxes, whereas ceramic coatings are liquid polymer-based products containing ceramic nanoparticles.

    Bonding Mechanism: Traditional waxes and sealants create a temporary layer on top of the paint surface. In contrast, ceramic coatings chemically bond with the vehicle’s clear coat, forming a permanent or semi-permanent bond.

    Protection Level: Ceramic coatings offer a higher level of protection against various environmental contaminants, including UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, road salts, and minor scratches. They provide a harder, hydrophobic surface that repels water and makes cleaning easier.

    Surface Appearance: Ceramic coatings can enhance the paint’s depth and gloss, providing a more profound and reflective finish compared to traditional waxes or sealants.

    Maintenance: Due to their extended durability, ceramic coatings reduce the frequency of reapplication and maintenance compared to traditional wax or sealant products.

    Application Process: Applying traditional waxes and sealants is generally straightforward and can be done by most car owners. However, the application of ceramic coatings typically requires more meticulous preparation, and some people may choose to have it professionally applied for optimal results.

    In summary, ceramic coatings offer superior and longer-lasting protection for your vehicle’s paint, providing a durable shield against various contaminants and environmental factors. While traditional waxes and sealants are easier to apply and can still provide temporary protection, they require more frequent reapplication to maintain their effectiveness.