The Benefits Of Ceramic Coating Your Car

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There is nothing better than driving an immaculate vehicle. As you approach your car, you see it glistening in the sunlight and you cannot wait to get behind the wheel. Driving around town in such a perfectly clean vehicle will give any driver amazing satisfaction! Of course, time takes its toll on all vehicles and drivers need to take the necessary steps to prevent serious and permanent damage. This is one of the reasons why so many vehicle owners opt for a ceramic coating for their cars.

What is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic Pro is a liquid polymer and it is applied by hand to the exterior of your car. The coating will chemically bond with the paint on your vehicle and this creates an extra layer of protection. This coating creates a semi-permanent or permanent bond with the paint on your vehicle which means that it will not break down or wash away. Unlike wax and polish, it does not need to be reapplied every few months. This is great news when it comes to your vehicle maintenance schedule!

Ceramic coating benefits

As the name suggests, it adds another layer of protection to the exterior of your vehicle and it helps keep your car looking new without too much maintenance.

UV damage and oxidization protection

Excessive and regular sun exposure results in the oxidization of car paint. This makes the paint appear dull and faded. Faded paint can make any car look older than it really is and it can have a serious effect on the vehicle value. When giving your car some ceramic protection, you are shielding it from the rays of the sun and this reduces oxidization and thereby fading. Your car will maintain its beautiful color for that much longer.

Etching and chemical stain protection

Chemical stains can occur due to acidic contaminants found naturally in our environment as well as chemicals that are not necessarily natural at all. The ceramic protection will keep many harsh contaminants from bonding with the paint on your vehicle and thereby prevent damage. That said, this does not mean that you can allow the contaminant to remain on your vehicle. You should still clean your car thoroughly if you suspect or know for a fact that it has come in contact with a harmful substance.

Easy to clean

Ceramic Pro makes cleaning your car a breeze. This is because the solution used is hydrophobic. What this means is that it repels water. Dirt, mud, and grime will have a very difficult time bonding with the paint and they will remain on the surface. When you wash your car, these contaminants will be that much easier to remove because they have not managed to embed themselves.

Beautiful glossy appearance

There really is nothing like that showroom shine and when you get to drive a perfectly glossy car every day, it will make you feel like you are always driving a brand new vehicle! Ceramic coatings enhance the reflective properties of car paint which gives the color greater depth and clarity.

Add value to your vehicle

When you invest in the appearance of your vehicle, you are taking the necessary steps to maintain its value. The more you do to keep your car in its original state, the better it will hold its value. It’s true that all vehicles lose value from the moment you take delivery but with the right cleaning and maintenance plan, you will be able to sell it for that much more when the time comes.

While these benefits are undoubtedly impressive, it is also important to remember that the ceramic layer will not protect your car from scratches and similar damage. It is also not a substitute for washing your car on a regular basis. You will still need to maintain your usual cleaning schedule to keep your car clear of dirt, dust, and debris. Ceramic coatings do not protect against swirl marks that are created by improper washing techniques. In addition, while the coating is hydrophobic, this does not mean that you will not notice water spots on your car after the rain or if you fail to dry your car after washing. Yes, most of the water will be repelled in the form of beads but some will remain and dry on the paint which results in water spots. 

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