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Car Wash Promotion

 – At Wash Me Now, we pride ourselves on providing quality car detailing services for busy lifestyles. We’re the car detailing company that comes to you so that you 

car-detailing-toronto-38You can have your car cleaned in a convenient fashion.

Here at Wash Me Now, innovation is the key to fostering a good relationship with our customers, and we’re always looking for ways to improve every customer’s experience. That is why we are thrilled to announce our Wash Me For Less promotion until the end of February. During this promotion, our customers will be able to receive special discounts on our express detailing package.

With the Wash Me For Less promotion, we’re slashing the prices on express detailing for small cars, large sedans/small SUVs, large SUVs/minivans, and pickup trucks. Here is a breakdown of the sale prices for these vehicles:

  • Small cars: $89.99
  • Large sedans/small SUV: $99.99
  • Large SUV/minivans: $119.99
  • Pickup truck: $129.99

This promo comes with our express detailing package for each vehicle.

The Express Detailing Package Includescar-detailing-for-lamborghini-2

  • Complete exterior hand-wash
  • Interior vacuum and dusting
  • Cleaning and wiping of interior surfaces
  • Trunk vacuum
  • Cleaning the exterior and interior mirrors and windows
  • Cleaning door jams
  • Rim and tire cleaning

If you need a thorough car detailing that will make your car look and feel brand new again, then contact us today at (647) 607-5199 to take full advantage of the unbeatable prices of our Wash Me For Less sale.

You can find our regular service prices on our prices page.