5 Reasons to Have Your Bike Detailed Before Riding Season

Here at Wash Me Now, we understand your motorcycle is the jewel of your garage. It’s a toy. It’s the most fun you can have fully clothed. You need your motorcycle to look just as good as it performs, so the feeling you get looking at it is the same as the feeling you get riding it.
There are plenty of reasons to have your bike detailed by a pro before the season starts, but these are our top 5.

bike-cleaning5) Spot trouble before it stops your first ride

Your detailer isn’t a mechanic, but he or she knows enough about bikes to spot issues that could become trouble without attention from you or your favorite mechanic. If you ride your bike more than you work on it, you may fail to notice things like worn cable housings, dry rotted tires, and oil seeping from your valve covers. These are exactly the kinds of problems we train our detailers to spot here at Wash Me Now.

4) Refresh aluminum and chrome parts

Motorcycles are made of three different materials, for the most part. Those materials are steel, aluminum, and plastic. These parts are often polished or chromed to a high shine. Although it’s true that anyone can spend the time to learn how to polish aluminum and chrome parts, it takes a professional detailer to do it right the first time, every time.

3) Knock the winter dust off

Very few people ride their bikes year round in places where the weather turns cold and icy, so many motorcycle enthusiasts park their bikes in their garages for the winter season. When motorcycles sit for long periods of time, they collect their fair share of dust. Not only is dust ugly, it leaves scratches behind if it’s not removed properly. When you hire Wash Me Now to knock the dust off of your bike, we’ll take care to remove it without leaving any unsightly scratches behind.

2) Give your mechanic a clean slate mobile-motocycle-detailing

Many people don’t know it until they get the bill, but many motorcycle mechanics won’t touch your bike if it’s dirty without charging you $50 to power wash it first. All the mechanic wants to do is knock enough dirt off of your bike to make it easier for him or her to work on it. If you deliver a freshly detailed, gleaming motorcycle to your local mechanic, we can’t guarantee it, but he’s apt to give you a discount on the work or at the very least have a smile on his face when you return to pick your ride up for the season.

1) Look great at your local bike night

Spring is definitely in the air. Spring is coming. Spring is a great season for making friends with other riders at your local bike night. The last thing you want to show up with at bike night is a filthy, dust covered bike that hasn’t moved from its spot in your garage for the past 6 months.

When details matter

Don’t give your bike the cold shoulder this spring. Call Wash Me Now today, and we’ll make sure your bike makes a lasting impression at your first bike night of the new year. Pick up your phone and dial (647) 607-5199 to speak to a detail pro today.

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