Why you need to dress the plastic trim on your car

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While most of your car is made up of metal and perhaps a fair amount of glass, there’s also a significant amount of plastic trim. Both the interior and exterior of various vehicle makes and models are lined with plastic moldings and other types of trim to improve the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Washing, waxing, and polishing your car is an important part of its overall maintenance. However, if you fail to pay attention to the smaller details, you won’t achieve the best results possible.

When you apply the right dressing to the plastic trim on your car, it acts much in the same way as wax does to your paintwork. It offers essential protection against the harsh rays of the sun and other natural elements that take their toll over time. The UV rays of the sun alone are enough to cause the plastic trim to fade and become brittle. So, even if the rest of your car looks great, the trim will be a dead giveaway as to how well you really cared for your vehicle.

If the trim on your car has already started to fade, you might think that there’s no point in taking action now because it’s too late. This is also untrue. If you treat faded plastic trim to a quality clean and dressing, you will restore the rim to a significantly darker and deeper black color. This effect is temporary, but there are also other products on the market that are designed to fully restore the darker color for years. If you choose to opt for plastic restoration, it’s essential that you apply a dressing to the trim regularly in order to maintain its appearance.

The plastic trim inside your car also needs a bit of TLC from time to time since it too comes into contact with hot and cold conditions. Even if you use the right windscreen covers when parking your car, you cannot protect areas like the dashboard while driving. The door panels, consoles, and dashboard area all need regular attention in order to maintain that much-needed flexibility. By providing these plastic areas with a source of moisture, you will prevent them from drying out, becoming brittle, and cracking over time. There are few things more inconvenient than a door panel or dashboard replacement! In so many instances the new part simply does not fit quite as well as the original one did, and this can be very disappointing from a driver’s perspective.

There are also plastic areas inside your engine and they too deserve regular attention. By properly cleaning and dressing your engine, you can prevent oil and dirt from building up. This is great from a maintenance point of view as well as from a buyer’s perspective should you ever wish to sell or trade your vehicle in.

In fact, proper maintenance of any vehicle always helps ensure a higher resale value which is all the more reason to invest in professional detailing on a regular basis. Call Wash Me Now at (647) 607-5199 to schedule your appointment. We are mobile, and we operate throughout the Greater Toronto Area.