Car Cleaning Problems: 10 Most Difficult Car Parts to Clean

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Your average quick car wash might sound easy enough to do yourself. However, the DIY approach will often mean that you will be faced with quite the task! Every car cleaning job involves parts that are particularly tricky to clean, and this often means more work for you:

Door Jams

Dirt has a way of getting everywhere! Cleaning around the door jams can be quite the chore. You will need to find a way of cleaning in between the hinge which is enough to leave your hands greasy and banged up.

Interior Console Areas

Dirt loves to hide in those tiny spaces along your dashboard, in your ashtray (even if you don’t smoke), and anywhere it can find a cozy spot. Many of these places are so small that you can’t even squeeze the smallest fitting of your vacuum cleaner inside! This is not the only problem, if the dirt is not cleaned out regularly, it will take on an almost sticky consistency which makes it even more difficult to remove!

Windows and Mirrors

You’ve followed all the rules of proper car cleaning, and you didn’t wash your windows in the direct sun, yet they are still not as gloriously glossy as they should be. More often than not, we spend more time buffing out those streaks than we do cleaning the windows in the first place!

Wheels and Arches

Over time, dirt builds up and, given the location, it can be extremely difficult to remove. Break dust and other dirt can accumulate in between your beautiful rims which means that they require special attention in order to get rid of all that grime. The greatest obstacle is visibility since it’s so difficult to see all the dirt hiding along the arches and within the rim design.


Whether you have leather or cloth upholstery in your car, you will agree that upholstery is one of the most difficult tasks in your car cleaning routine. It’s not just about vacuuming out all the dirt, but also stain removal, and pet hair removal. Not to mention leather care to prevent your supple leather seats from becoming brittle and cracked. In most cases, time is a factor as well as the cleaning supplies on the market and the limitations of household appliances. Your average vacuum cleaner can only remove so much dirt until it reaches its limit. Household cleaning solutions are also not as effective as those known and tested by professionals.


Similar to upholstery issues, problems here include pet hair, dirt, and stains. There are also several areas that are tough to reach and household vacuum cleaners don’t seem to have the necessary power to get all the dirt out.


This is one part that is often overlooked because of its location. In most vehicles, the headlining is light in color which only makes things tougher! Smokers will notice how their cigarette smoke turns the lining yellow. Even hand marks can be tough to remove. The fact that the lining is overhead also makes it really awkward to clean.


Your headlights can accumulate a fair bit of dirt and bugs. They can also become dull over time. This is where professional headlight restoration is your best bet. No matter how much you clean your headlights yourself, you won’t enjoy the same results as with restoration.


This should be fairly self-explanatory. Your engine consists of so many components that it can be difficult to do a great job without causing damage. Fortunately, with the right car cleaning techniques and equipment, your engine will be cleaner than ever, and there’s no need to worry about water overuse.



Although not exactly a physical part, bad odors can be very difficult to get rid of. Whether a baby spit up or your dear Fluffy had an accident, you might feel like you’re stuck with that smell. No amount of air freshener or ventilation is going to solve this issue. The sooner you have the affected area professionally cleaned and your car’s scent refreshed, the better!


The next time your car needs a good cleaning, call Wash Me Now at ( (647) 607-5199. Our mobile team has ample experience with all of these tough-to-clean areas and more!


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