Disadvantages of hand washing your car

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Whether you have just bought yourself a brand new car or trying to take excellent care of your trusty set of wheels, there’s no denying the fact that a good clean is just as important as keeping the engine in top condition. After all, what good does a perfect motor do on a rust bucket? So, in order to make sure that the exterior of your car matches its interior, it’s important to keep that body clean and free of dirt.

While some people don’t mind washing their car by hand, many already know that this is not always the best for you, your car, or the environment.  There are several disadvantages to the classic DIY hand wash in the front yard.

Here are some:

  • Excessive water use which means that your water bill is going to increase.
  • Wasting water (particularly during dry periods).
  • Increased water pollution. The water you use will travel down the drain, and it could also penetrate the ground below. This means that all the chemicals you’re using are going into the ground where they can have a profound effect on several ecosystems.
  • You will need to sacrifice a fair amount of time and energy to get the job done yourself.
  • You need to wash your car in the shade, and this is not always possible.
  • Your cleaning products may do more damage than good (they could dull the paint on your car).
  • You could end up with fine scratches and swirl marks since your cleaning supplies usually include an old rag or sponge. Just one tiny grain of sand can wreck your car’s paint job!

With all of these points to consider, it’s no wonder so many vehicle owners in the GTA are choosing Wash Me Now! Our mobile service comes to you with everything needed for that perfectly spotless result – including our own water supply! Our cleaning equipment ensures minimal water usage which also makes it a greener option than hand washing or automatic car washes. Contact our professional team and schedule a time that suits you!