Benefits of engine detailing

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When you think about cleaning your car, you most likely picture a squeaky clean exterior and interior. You might be inclined to opt for some wax or even a polish if need be. However, there’s a lot more to car detailing than simply cleaning inside and out. There are the finer details like engine detailing that can make all the difference.

For some vehicle owners, cleaning and shining their engine is a must. Others sometimes wonder whether it’s actually worth it. The hood is down, so it’s not like it matters, right? Well, not exactly. A clean engine is a happy one, and although you will still need to perform regular maintenance and servicing, it doesn’t hurt to keep everything shining and clean.

If you have never had the engine of your car cleaned, and you’ve been driving it for more than a year, you might want to take a closer look. You will most likely notice dust, dirt, and possibly even some oil here and there. If you or anyone else has ever topped your car up with too much oil, then you are bound to have a bit of a mess that should be tended to sooner rather than later.

Oil spillage or leakage anywhere in your engine can cause anything from bad smells, to smoke, or even a fire. Even a slow leak can cause oil to drip everywhere, and it will build up in a short time. Once the oil builds up along the exterior of various components, you may notice a smell or even smoke coming from under the hood. Remember, you won’t notice anything at first. It will take time for the engine to warm up before it heats the oil which then results in a distinct odor and/or smoke. If left unchecked, a fire can occur which is dangerous for obvious reasons.

As for dirt building up throughout your engine, it’s possible for this dirt to make its way into the inlet manifold and other areas where dirt does not belong. While you might not notice any problems at first, over time, this can result in a fair amount of damage and an unhappy car.

If you live, work, or regularly drive through areas with plenty of trees, you could even get some leaves stuck in between various pipes and components. These leaves, like oil, pose a fire risk. If they get hot enough while you’re driving, they can catch on fire, and this can cause further damage.

Allowing dirt to stay put can also cause your engine to become dull over time. If you clean your engine regularly and dress it with the right products, it will look newer for longer. This is an added bonus when you want to sell or trade your car in one day. When the potential buyer takes a look under the hood, they will see a spotless engine. Clean engines are easier to maintain since you can spot a problem that much faster. An oil leak in an oil and dirt encrusted engine will not be as easy to diagnose.

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