How different types of car washes impact the environment

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Car owners know that there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to keeping their vehicle clean. Apart from the way in which these different methods impact your car, they also have an effect on our surroundings. The next time your car needs a clean, consider the environment before making your choice.

Hand wash

Apart from the amount of time you have to sacrifice in order to wash your car by hand, there are also several ecological side effects. Firstly, this method usually involves the most amount of water usage and water waste. Even if you don’t leave the hose running during the entire cleaning process, you will still use more water than necessary.

Another concern with this washing method is the fact that all the polluted water will need to go somewhere. Yes, some will go down the drain but a fair amount will also be absorbed into the ground below. This can have a horrible effect on the plants in the area as well as the underground streams. Affecting the plants also has an effect on animals and the rest of the delicate ecosystem.

Automatic Wash

An automatic carwash might help you save time, but there are several disadvantages. The less than perfect results and potential damage to your car should be enough to discourage most car owners from choosing this washing method. However, these automatic washes also use an excessive amount of water and electricity.

High-pressure wash

Due to the amount of water wasted by the methods mentioned above, high-pressure systems were widely accepted. Instead of using a full flow of water, they use increased pressure to decrease water usage while increasing the effectiveness of the clean. Compared to the methods described above, this might sound like a reasonable option. However, this does not eliminate the excessive use of cleaning chemicals which then need to make their way down the drain. Drain water needs to be filtered and purified which means that, the more we use, the more it costs to recycle.

Steam clean

Steam is water in a gas form and also water in its hottest state. Not only is steam effective in cleaning the inside and outside of your car, but it also requires very little water. Steam has a way of getting inside all of those small hard to clean grooves, and no scrubbing is necessary. Using steam cleaning also limits the amount of chemicals required to clean your car while making your car that much more hygienic. Steam kills bacteria and offers a deeper clean – especially when it comes to your upholstery and carpets. Steam is by far the greenest car washing technique and, just because the amount of water use is minimized, this does not affect its effectiveness or efficiency.

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