Buffed and Beautiful

washmenow car buffing

Do you want your car to look like new again? The best way to take care of superficial exterior damage and make your car look like you just drove it out of the shop is by getting your car professionally buffed through a car detailing service like Wash Me Now.

A good car detailing service will have a special buffing machine. The best will take their time to buff your car in three stages:

Stage One

The first stage of buffing involves using the machine to get rid of any scratches on the outside of your car. The professional equipment used at a proper car detailing place should be able to get rid of even fairly heavy scratches.

Stage Two

The second stage of buffing is when we do what we call a “Super Finish”. This gets rid of any swirl marks left behind during the buffing process and makes the car look almost like new again. With the right equipment in the hands of a trained professional, stage two shouldn’t take very long.

Stage Three

Once the scratches on your car have disappeared and the swirl marks are nothing more than a memory, it’s time to enter the final stage of buffing your car. At this point we use carnauba wax to give your car a beautiful shine. The carnauba wax also forms a protective layer around your car, preventing things like dust and rain from easily sticking to it. This part is generally done by hand to make sure every inch of the car is covered.

What is carnauba wax?

Carnauba wax comes from a specific breed of Brazilian palm trees and is used to produce a shine in many different products. You’ll find it in many different kinds of boot polish and even in some cosmetics thanks to its hypoallergenic and emollient nature. It’s even used to coat some candy, giving it the shine that makes it so appealing.

If you want to make your car look brand new and at the same time protect it from dust and bad weather, carnauba wax is the best option for buffing your car.

When you’re looking for a company to detail your car, make sure you’re choosing the right one. Ask them about their car buffing process and make sure they’re using carnauba wax to give your car a protective coating.