All About Ozone Generators

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Getting your car detailed will make it look new again, but most standard interior car detailing packages don’t completely eliminate unpleasant odors. Cigarette smoke in particular leaves behind an odor that’s difficult to get rid of. Just getting your car detailed won’t always do the trick.

But the way your car smells is just as important as how it looks. So how can you get rid of the strong odors permeating your vehicle?

If you want to get rid of a foul smell that’s taken root in your car, you need to ask your car detailing service about using an ozone generator. Any reputable car detailing service will have this available as an add-on.

What is are the ozone generators?

In the context of car detailing, an ozone generator is a fairly small machine that cleans the air of your car using ozone. Ozone is a cousin chemical to oxygen and is one of the most powerful natural sterilizers in the world. It kills both odour and dangerous bacteria that might be lingering in your car, often as a result of the same thing that caused the odour.

How does an ozone generator work?

An ozone generator pulls air from the surrounding environment and transforms it into ozone. Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms, which makes it highly reactive. The third atom in each unit will attach to the atoms that make up odours in your car, transforming them into the regular air.

The process the ozone generator uses takes less than a minute to start turning air into ozone. Depending on how bad the odours are in your car, the ozone generator might be left inside for 30-60 minutes.

Once the time is up your car will smell brand new. All used up, the ozone transforms into oxygen, leaving no waste behind. This makes using an ozone generator to get rid of bad odours in your car completely environmentally friendly.

How long does it last?

Because the ozone’s oxygen atoms have attached themselves to the different atoms that make up the odours, the odours in your car should be gone for good. Unless something else happens to produce a new odour, your car will smell great for a long time.

Of course, this only works if you’ve also eliminated the source of the stench. That’s why we do everything else—shampooing your carpets, cleaning your seats, cleaning the ceiling, all the important things that make your car look great—before we use the ozone generator. This ensures that the source of the odour is gone, allowing the ozone to permanently work its magic.

If there’s an unpleasant odour in your car that you’re eager to get rid of, the best way to do it is to ask the company detailing your car about an ozone generator’s add on. A reputable company should be willing to add the service to your interior detailing package for $40-70, depending on the level of odour and the size of your vehicle.