The Worst Car Smells

car bad smell

There is nothing quite like that new-car smell and, of course, the smell of your vehicle after it has been detailed inside and out. On the other hand, there are also a number of car smells that make any driver’s stomach turn.

Pet Smells

As much as you may love your dear Fido, there are few things worse than that wet dog smell. This smell is bad enough when you need to deal with it in your home or yard. Now imagine containing this powerful odor inside the confines of your car! It becomes even more suffocating, and drivers even say that they find it difficult to concentrate on the road when their pooch smells like an old rag.

Spilled Milk

Almost as bad as wet dog is the smell of dried milk. As spilled milk becomes dry, it also turns, and that sour stench is enough to make anyone turn their nose up and roll their windows down. The best approach is to always make sure that you soak up any spilled milk right away and put in some extra effort to clean the carpet, upholstery, trim, and anywhere the milk may have spilled.

Vomit Smell

Whether your passenger has had a bit too much to drink, eaten something that didn’t agree with their stomach, or they have a tendency of getting car sick, the smell of vomit can certainly linger long after you think you’ve managed to clean it all up. Sick babies can also make quite a mess and, considering they only consume milk; there is the combined factor of that sour milk stink. No matter what kinds of cleaning solutions you use, the best thing to do is clean up what you can and then get your car to a professional promptly. You should also keep the windows open and avoid parking in the sun if possible since it will only make things worse.

Food Spills

Spilled food of any sort is one of the bad car smells that can get even worse if not cleaned up. Not only can food and drinks make your car smell bad but they can also cause your car interior to deteriorate and cause stains. If you have little ones or if you regularly eat in your car, you should consider some kind of upholstery protection and always keep towels on hand in case of a spill.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is another one among car smells that hangs around longer than we would like. Even if you are a smoker, if you smoke in your car just before parking and rolling up the windows, you will be greeted with a smoky smell as you open the doors again. This smell tends to penetrate any and all fabrics in your car which means that it can stain as well as leave a lasting smell. Both of which are never good for the resale value or driving pleasure.

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