Why Detail Your Ride Before The Sale?

Why Detail Your Ride Before The Sale

Some people don’t even bother to wash their car before they list it for sale. They don’t get as much for their cars as people who do. Although making sure your car is clean before you sell it goes a long way towards facilitating that sale, having your car detailed before you sell it can be a game changer.

The difference between washing and detailing

Washing is just that. It’s quick and dirty. If you look closely after you finish you’ll find spots, blemishes, leftover dirt, and other detritus still clinging to the exterior of your car. Detailing is different. After having your car detailed, you should be able to visually assess every last square inch of it, ask yourself “Is this clean?” and then answer with a confident “Yes, it is clean!”
Anything less is not a proper detail job.

Interior vs. exterior detailing

A full detail includes reconditioning of the interior as well as the exterior of the automobile. Just like there’s more to exterior detailing than giving the car a bath, detailing the car’s interior is more involved than simply picking up trash from the floorboards and smearing some product on the plastic surfaces. Used car dealerships pull out every detailing technique in the book to ensure the cars on their lot are as attractive as possible. When the time comes to sell your own car, you owe it to yourself to make sure you get top dollar for it, just like they do at the local used car lot.
There’s another reason you may want to have your car detailed before listing it, and that reason might be more important than getting as much as you can for your used car.

It’s the right thing to do for the new owner

It’s unavoidable. Over the years, your car becomes more and more “yours.” Your car knows all of your secrets. It knows you like to eat snack-sized candy bars on your way to work. It knows about that cup of coffee you spilled on the floorboards two years ago. The best way to hit the reset button on your car’s condition is to have it detailed for the new owner. Although no car can be put back to its original condition without a full restoration, having a professional detail it before the sale goes a long way toward ensuring the new owner has a blank a slate from day one.

The limitations of detailing

Regardless of how thorough the detail job is, detailing does not go beyond cleaning and reconditioning. Detailers don’t remove and replace interior or exterior parts. Detailers simply clean them to the best of their ability. A good detailer improves the appearance of a car, regardless of its condition, but there’s a hard line that separates cleaning and reconditioning from restoration.

Detailers take care of the details

Your car doesn’t really know anything. If it’s not detailed before the sale though, who knows what the new owners might find? The things we leave in our cars, or that get tucked into corners and crevices that we don’t often think about, can say a lot about who we are. Everything from junk mail to prescription medications gets lost in the cracks and crevices of used cars. The goal is to sell the car, not to give its new owner an exclusive look into your private life.
Here at Wash Me Now, we pride ourselves on our discretion almost as much as our detail work. We’ll help your car keep all of your secrets. If you’re looking to sell your car soon, book your detailing today by calling (647) 607-5199