Dog Poop Stain Removal From Car Upholstery

dog poop stain removal

Pets are a lot like children in the sense that accidents can happen and it really is beyond their control. Dog poop needs to be removed correctly or it can leave behind some nasty stains. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to keep your car upholstery clean even after these types of accidents.

Solid matter removal

Use a plastic scraper and dustpan to remove as much of the solid matter as possible. Take care not to press too hard or this can force any softer matter deeper into the fabric.

Semi-solid residue removal

If your pet has an upset stomach, it can mean that there is a combination of solid and semi-solid matter. In this case, once the solid matter is removed, you can apply baking soda to the semi-solid matter. This helps absorb the liquid particles. Allow the baking soda to sit on the area until the matter dries. This usually takes a couple of hours. You can now scrape or vacuum the powder before you continue to clean the spot.

Use a damp cloth

Use a clean damp cloth to press on the area to absorb any remaining particles. Dab and rotate the cloth gently and repeatedly until there is little to no diarrhea left on your car upholstery.

Enzyme cleaner

You can now use a pet enzyme cleaner to remove the rest of the stain. Remember to always follow the instructions on the packaging.


If you have managed to get rid of the stain but you still want to make sure that your car is as hygienic as possible, you should use 3% hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area. Remember, you should always test hydrogen peroxide on a small, hidden area of upholstery before using it on the affected area. Remember to apply a small amount and blot up any excess using paper towels.

Airing your car out

It’s not just the stain that you will need to be concerned about. The smell that hangs around can also be particularly troublesome. This is why you need to air your car out as much as possible. This will help get rid of the smell and help the area dry too. If there is any odor remaining, you can use some baking soda on the area and vacuum it up after several hours. Not only does baking soda help absorb liquids, but also bad smells so your car will smell fresh once again. You might need to repeat this step a few times to get rid of the smell completely.

One of the most important tips to remember when it comes to cleaning pet stains is to clean sooner rather than later. The longer you take to act, the deeper the stain will seep into your car upholstery. Older stains will need to be cleaned multiple times and they could need to be soaked in order to lift the deeper residue.

If your pet is prone to accidents, you should use some sort of upholstery protector when transporting them in your vehicle. Remember, for professional pet stain removal, you can always rely on Wash Me Now. We’re on hand to provide mobile car detailing services anywhere in Toronto and the GTA (view our prices here). Contact our mobile team at (647) 607-5199 today.