How often should you clean the interior of your car?

car interior detailing

Many of us lead extremely busy lives and tasks like cleaning the car are often left on the back burner for far too long. While some people make a significant effort to keep the interior of their car clean, others are overwhelmed by their daily activities and simply don’t have the time. It is, however, important to remember that the condition of the interior of your car will influence the resale value, and this is why it’s important to maintain a clean car rather than trying to make it look good just before you sell. Different parts of the interior will require different levels of attention so keep that in mind while reading through

The List:

  • Leather interiors need to be cleaned and treated on a regular basis. Particularly before the winter arrives. This will keep the leather beautifully soft and supple while preventing it from drying out and cracking.
  • Vacuum fabric interiors based on their condition. Remember that even in a busy city like Toronto, there’s plenty of dust that gets inside your car and makes itself at home in your seats and carpets! A thorough vacuum every couple of weeks (or at least once a month) should suffice.
  • Vacuum the interior of your car twice! Vacuum once to get the surface dirt out. Then, beat the seats with something like a tennis racket to bring embedded dirt to the surface and vacuum again.
  • If you have children or pets in the car on a regular basis, you might need to clean the interior more frequently.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they occur in order to prevent the stain from setting in. Use as little water as possible and a clean sponge to draw the substance out. If necessary, use an appropriate stain remover.
  • Vinyl surfaces take a lot of punishment from the UV rays of the sun to the icy chill of winter. Hot and cold can cause the vinyl to become brittle so make sure that you keep the surface free of dust and apply a suitable protective solution regularly. You can dust your interior as often as you like and apply the protective solution once a month for good measure.
  • Wood trimmings (even imitation wood) need to be cleaned along with the rest of the vinyl features but remember not to use harsh chemicals.

Regular cleaning is important.

The interior of your car should be thoroughly cleaned once a month, but you should also do everything in your power to wipe away the surface dust and remove any trash from the vehicle on a regular basis. Trash can make your car smell bad and smells are trickier to get rid of. Cleaning once a month, from top to bottom, is a time-consuming task. This is why so many proud vehicle owners in the Greater Toronto Area depend on Wash Me Now to get the job done. While you go about your regular business at home or work, we will take care of every inch of your car’s interior and exterior. Call us today to schedule a time that suits you best.