Why you should steam clean your car inside and out

steam auto detailing

Steam is used to clean and sanitize several areas that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Steam can be used for things as mild as ironing delicate clothing to a potent form of disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Today, steam cleaning is also popular among vehicle owners around the world due to its many benefits.

Steam cleaning is the best method for those concerned about strong pressure cleaners shooting water into sensitive electronic parts of their vehicle. Steam cleaning is also ideal in areas affected by water restrictions. It also means that the use of harsh chemicals is eliminated which is great for your car and the environment too.

A steam clean will remove all the dirt from the exterior of your car in an effortless manner. There’s no pressure, no harsh rubbing, and it’s a truly time effective approach. Since we’re using steam to get the job done, you won’t need to worry about any toxic residues that might get left behind after a regular wash. How about the windows? Clean and clear windows don’t just look great, but they are also a necessity in terms of safety. Streaks on your window can obscure visibility both during the day and night. With steam, you can expect nothing less than a streak free shine!

Steam is as gentle as it is tough on dirt. It will remove all those nasty compounds like wax and tar from your vehicle’s bumpers, moldings, and any chrome sections. Vinyl tops can be tricky to clean without causing damage but, with the help of steam, you can enjoy a truly flawless finish. The same goes for wheels, whitewall tires, and every other tough to clean part of your car’s exterior.

Steam is not only suitable for the outside of your car but also the interior. As the steam comes into contact with the surfaces inside your car, it removes dirt, odors, as well as dangerous bacteria. Some of the strongest smells like those associated with pet stains, mold, mildew, and cigarette smoking can all be left in your rear view mirror thanks to the cleaning power of steam!

Unlike cleaning the surface of your car’s upholstery, the steam penetrates the fabric for a deeper clean and fresher smelling results. Just like cleaning the exterior, interior cleaning is effortless when using this method. It is also more effective when cleaning those tough to reach parts like vents, cup holders, ashtrays, armrests, and dashboards.

You also won’t need to worry about waiting for what seems like an eternity for your car to dry. Both interior and exterior steam cleaning will yield fast results, and the surfaces will dry almost immediately!

At Wash Me Now, we are proud to offer customers the innovative, effective, and efficient option of steam cleaning their vehicles. If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area and your vehicle is in need of some attention, contact our expert team now! We will come to you with all the necessary equipment, supplies, and even our own water supply. So, you can go about your business while we get your car in top shape!