Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer – Quick Tips and Tricks

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On those hot summer days when you can’t seem to catch a breath of fresh air, it’s hard to stay cool and comfortable. It can be even harder to keep your car temperature bearable enough until the AC kicks in. If your Air Conditioning is not working properly, you’ll find yourself in a very difficult situation.

For example, on a hot summer day where the temperatures go around 80°F and more, your car will reach an extremely uncomfortable 120°F and over, especially if you’ve made the mistake of parking your car in direct sunlight. To keep your car cool and protected during the hot summer months, the first step you should take is proper auto detailing.

Auto detailing is very important in the summer

auto detailing-tipsNot only are the sky-high temperatures going to cause you extreme discomfort, they will cause significant damage to your car. If your vehicle is constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions, you’re going to need some professional auto detailing to keep it protected.

Quality auto detailing can provide your car with the proper care to keep it safe from common wear and tear. This includes a proper wash and removal of dirt and any toxic agents that can damage your car’s exterior.

The next level includes a protective coating, which can be either waxing or coating. A protective coating such as Ceramic Pro will keep your car safe from polluting agents as well as those dangerous UV rays.

Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and your car detailing service can help protect your car from damage and extreme weather conditions.

Quick tips for cooling down

Now that your detailing service added the much-needed summer protection to your car, it’s time to do whatever you can to keep it cool. Believe it or not, your car doesn’t have to feel like a stuffy hot box every time you drive in the summer. Even if your AC is broken, there are some things you can do to keep it cool. Here’s what you can do:

No underground garage? Use sunshades!

You won’t always be able to find the perfect parking spot in an underground garage or in the shades. That’s why you have sunshades. They look like aluminum foil that you can stretch over your windshield. Sunshades are a great way to keep the heat from reaching the interior of your car.

Water and wet towels will help

Keep some water and towels in your car so you can wipe off the dashboard and steering wheel. The water will evaporate and carry away some of the heat. It won’t exactly cool off the entire space, but at least you’ll be able to grab the steering wheel without feeling like you’re getting burned.

Get some ice

A big step up from plain water is ice. There are so many things you can do with it. For example, you can put a 10-pound block of ice under a 

vent to help cool things down, or you can put some ice cubes in a polystyrene container and keep it under your seat or on the floor. Longer travel times need more ice cubes.

Extra tip: If you’re not a big fan of ice cubes, you can also freeze some water bottles and keep them in the same places. Frozen water bottles can be very useful in keeping both you and your car cooler. For example, once the water thaws and the ice turns to drinkable water again, you’ll have a nice supply of fresh, cool water. You can also wrap the bottles in a towel and put them behind your neck so you get the sensation of a cool breeze while you’re driving.

Crack open the windows

As obvious as this may be, we sometimes forget that we can open the windows and let the air fluctuate to even out the temperatures. Now, remember you can’t keep your windows wide open if you’re going to leave your car unattended. However, you can open them just a little bit to allow some air in, but not enough to fit a human hand.