Strange Traffic Laws Across Countries – How Car Detailing Can Save You from Getting a Ticket

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There are many traffic regulations and laws out there, and every country has their own set of rules. Some of them are definitely stranger than others. We’ve done some digging through the internet and found the strangest traffic laws out there. For example, did you know that you could actually get fined in some countries if you drive a dirty car? Before you hit the road and start exploring the world, it may be good for you to have your car detailing service give your vehicle a good scrub. True or not, some of these laws will give you a good laugh:

Stange Traffic Laws:

No Shirt – No driving

In Thailand, you’re not allowed to drive shirtless. Always make sure you’re fully dressed before you hit the road, or you could get fined!

No clothes? Sure, feel free to drive…

On the other side, Germany seems to be quite open to people driving nude. Your car is considered private, which is why you’re allowed your choice when it comes to wearing clothes behind the wheel.

Girls are allowed to drive in swimsuits. If they have a gun…

Kentucky is somewhat lenient towards girls driving without their clothes on. As it turns out, a woman can drive in a swimsuit if she has a working gun for self-defense, or at least two police officers by her side.

No barefoot driving. It’ll cost you…

As open as Germany is to people driving nude, it’s good to know that they don’t share the same opinion when it comes to feet and shows. If you crash your car while driving barefoot, according to traffic laws it could cost you your insurance.

No driving while blindfolded

You drink your coffee, you eat your breakfast, grab your car keys, put on your blindfold and start your morning commute. Isn’t this the perfect morning routine for everyone? Well, not in Alabama. It’s illegal to drive blindfolded there, so you can kiss your driving blindfold goodbye if you’re traveling to this country…

Who put the dog on the roof?

This one should go without saying, but apparently, Alaska has specified in it’s traffic laws that it’s illegal to strap your dog to the roof of your car at any time.

Your gorilla always calls shotgun

When taking your gorilla to the supermarket, to the park, or any other place, make sure it takes the passenger seat. Massachusetts states that you can take your gorilla out for a drive as long as the animal is in the passenger seat.

Pay for your alligator parking!

In Florida, you can leave your alligator, elephant or goat tied to a parking meter, as long as you pay for parking.

Drink and Drive

Costa Rica says that you can actually drink and drive. Just as long as your blood alcohol levels stay within the legal limit of 0.75 %.

No dirty cars please!

Having your car detailing service on speed dial will pay off in Russia. You could get a ticket for driving a dirty car in this country, so make sure you get your car a proper

detailing if you’re planning on driving here.

traffic lawsBoth hands on the wheels, always!

In Cyprus, you should always keep both your hands on the steering wheel. At all times! Even drinking water could get you a ticket. 

Mirrors? Check. People under the car? Check

In Denmark, before you even start driving, you should always check for people under your car. Just in case…

No littering in the car, please!

Owning a car in South Carolina can be tough, especially if you don’t have your regular detailing service available. Your car should always be tidy and it’s illegal to store litter in your vehicle if it causes problems with rats. So, keep your car neat at all times if you’re planning on driving in this country. If you’re too lazy, have a professional car detailing service do it for you.