How to Easily Remove Dried Tree Sap From Your Car

remove dried tree sap from your car

Tree sap is something that we cannot prevent from falling. When looking for a parking space, the shade of a tall tree is just what drivers look for in summer. Unfortunately, while the tree might offer shade, it could also end up dripping sticky sap all and ruining the paintwork. Here’s what you need to know about tree sap and your vehicle.

Effects of Tree Sap

At first glance, tree sap might seem like more of a nuisance than anything else. However, it can have a devastating effect on your vehicle. That being said, the sap will not cause permanent damage right away. So, if addressed promptly, you don’t have anything to worry about. If neglected, however, it can quite literally destroy the paint on your car. 

The patch of affected paint will be discolored and there will be a noticeable change in the way the paint feels too. When temperatures rise, the heat also speeds up the process. The sap is baked in the heat and it causes more damage in a shorter period of time. This means that it can leave its mark even if you remove the sap right away. 

How to Get Rid of Tree Sap

The key is to take action right away. Before you begin, you will need to wash your car from bumper to bumper. Next, you will need a quality bug and tar remover. Apply this substance to the affected area or areas as per the directions. You will need to allow the cloth with the tar remover to rest on the affected areas for at least 30 seconds before you rub the area gently. 

In some cases, you might need to repeat these two steps to get rid of all the sap. You might even need to use your fingernail to gently but precisely remove any particularly stubborn spots. Once you are done, you can apply wax to the affected areas and polish. 

Tree Sap on Windows

Tree sap can fall on your windows too. This can make it difficult to see properly and can make driving dangerous. The good news is that you can remove the sap from windows just as you would from the rest of your car. If the sap is still fresh, do not use your windshield wipers because this can spread the goo all over the glass! The only thing you will need to change is to substitute the wax with a window cleaner. 

Preventing Permanent Damage

If you want to know what you can do to prevent tree sap from damaging the paintwork on your car, you should have your vehicle waxed at least every three months. Waxing is great because it creates a protective layer. This means that the sap will not come into direct contact with the paint and it will also be easier to remove. 

When it comes to auto detailing, there is no substitute for quality. Not only does your car deserve quality products, but also quality service. When quality wax is applied by a professional, the vehicle will enjoy maximum protection. 

Whether you need to schedule your vehicle for a regular wax or you need tree sap professionally removed, you can rely on our mobile auto detailing services at Wash Me Now. Contact us at (647) 607-5199 for more information and to book an appointment with our team.