How I sold my car in ONE day without dropping the price!


Struggling to Sell:

I remember when I first put my SUV on the market. Although it didn’t have any physical or mechanical problems, there was something keeping buyers at arm’s length. I did the best I could with a vacuum and wash but, no matter what, my car looked less than desirable in photos and up close. Since I’d already invested in a new car and my repayments were taking their toll, I was on the verge of dropping my price by about $1,200 to better all the other offers out there.

After three months of advertising on every platform I knew, not one serious buyer came my way. It wasn’t only the frustration of not being able to sell my car. It was also that feeling of disappointment. I’d worked so hard to keep her in good shape, and she never missed a service. I thought long and hard about my next move and decided to try something before giving in and lowering my asking price.

Finding Wash Me Now:

After running a search online for car detailing professionals in Toronto, I found Wash Me Now. I thought that I’d have to take time out of my day to get the car detailed, but I was pleasantly surprised by their mobile services. After booking an appointment, the team came out to perform the Showroom Detailing Package on my SUV.

I was particularly impressed by the way they cared for my car and their attention to detail. They didn’t just sweep in, give my car the once-over and then rush away. Every inch and corner of the interior and exterior of my vehicle was thoroughly cleaned. The carpets and seats didn’t only look great, but they smelled so fresh too! When they were done, I could understand why they called it the Showroom Package – it really does make your car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor!

When Wash Me Now was done, I took pictures of my beautiful SUV once more. I was feeling quite nostalgic and even sadder than before when I thought about selling her. I updated my online ads with new pictures, and I received a surprisingly overwhelming response. My phone started ringing almost immediately and, by that afternoon, several interested buyers had made me an offer! I received such an amazing response that I didn’t have to drop my price and the money I spent on the detailing job was a fraction of the amount I was preparing to lose by lowering the price.

After learning this valuable lesson, I have continued to use Wash Me Now. With regular care, my new car has managed to stay remarkably clean and in excellent condition. I’m sure that, one day, if I decide to sell my current vehicle, it will fetch a great price too!