Spring Car Detailing With Wash Me Now

spring car detailing

Has winter done a number on your car? The amount of salt and sand that gets onto every surface of your vehicle during the winter can be truly overwhelming. Not only is salt bad for the surfaces of your car, it can cause very real damage; eating away at fabric finishes and rusting through metal alike. An inevitable part of Canadian winters, salt and sand are used to make surfaces safer for us – when it comes time to clean out the remnants of winter, trust Wash Me Now for your spring car detailing!

Spring Car Detailing with the Pros!

We’ll clean your car of salt, sand and any other everyday messes that build up over time. How often do you spill something onto the car seat and wipe it with a tissue? How thick is the dust sitting on the dash? Entrust Wash Me Now – Toronto’s leading interior and exterior mobile car detailing service!

We’ll bring everything we need with us to make sure your car is truly clean, inside and out! Water, electricity, vacuum, cleaning supplies and more! The only thing you need to provide us with is your dirty car – and the time and place that works best for you! Whether you’re at work or at home, let us do the dirty work! Your car will receive the best cleaning and detailing available! Call today (647) 607-5199

Variety of Services!

Why should your home be the only one that gets spring cleaned? Especially during Canadian winters, cars get put through the wringer – from salt and sand all over the floors to dirt and dust inside and out. We clean it all, every time! Join our growing list of satisfied Toronto and GTA customers and get your spring car detailing with Wash Me Now!

Get your leather seats in the best condition they’ve ever been in. Clean the stains out of your fabric seats. Remove odours such as smoke or vomit from your car and get every surface, from your dash to your rims, sparkling clean. If you spend time in your car on a daily basis, you owe it to yourself to have a clean, detailed car!

Contact Wash Me Now today to book your appointment. Remember, all you need to provide is your car, along with the time and place that works best for you. From cleaners to water, we bring the rest! Our truck is a totally self-contained mobile wash unit, and we will ensure that your car is exceptionally cleaned and detailed inside and out. Call today!