Winter Whites: Road Salt and How it Affects Your Car

Ever wonder how road salt is truly affecting your car? Apart from the fact that it cakes the outside of your car in a grainy white layer, what is it actually doing, if anything, to your vehicle? Let’s address some of the myths out there to help you better protect your vehicle and make informed decisions.

Myth: once the salt spray has dried on your car it’s no longer an issue since water is what activates the salt.

Fact: moisture in the air is more than enough to keep corrosive salt working overtime, eating away at your car. Despite looking dry, the salt left on your car can and will eventually lead to rust if it is not properly taken care of.

Myth: your car’s paint finish is the most vulnerable aspect when it comes to salt damage during the winter.

Fact: the biggest potential for damage is actually the underside of your car. This is the area that is exposed to the most spray and it is not covered with paint – the bare metal on your car’s underside is therefore doubly vulnerable when it comes to rust. Because you can’t see this part of your car, it’s even more important to take preventative measures to ensure rust does not start developing. Wash Me Now uses the latest power wash technology to ensure that your entire car, including the underside is clean and free of damaging salt residue.

Myth: there’s no point washing your car in the winter – it’ll just get dirty again!

Fact: washing your car, especially during the winter, is important to prevent damage. Despite the fact that it will likely get dirty again, keeping the amount of dried-up salt in check will ensure that the damaging effects are kept to a minimum. Wash Me Now offers a range of car wash and detailing packages to ensure that your car stays clean during the saltiest season of them all!

Myth: Putting rubber mats in your car will prevent salt from damaging the inside of your car

Fact: while rubber mats, especially custom-fit mats, are a great way to control the amount of salt that comes in contact with your car, they are not an absolute solution. Salt will likely still find its way under the mats and to areas that aren’t covered by the mats. Only thorough and precise interior detailing can ensure that all the salt is cleaned out of your car. Wash Me Now ensures a thorough clean, both inside and out!

Protect your car from the damaging effects of winter road salt and spray by entrusting your vehicle to Wash Me Now: we offer Toronto’s best interior and exterior detailing and will truly wash the winter out of your car. Stave off rust damage and wash the salt away with expert mobile detailing – just tell us the time and location and we will bring everything we need to get your car absolutely clean. Contact us today to book your appointment!