Protecting Your Car From Road Salt This Winter

car detailing in the winter

Road salt is an element that can’t be underappreciated whenever we consider what driving during winter entails: storms, ice, and slushy roads. It would be much more difficult to get around safely in such conditions if salt weren’t added to the mix to melt the ice and keep it in that state even if the temperatures remain below freezing point.
However, road salt has some drawbacks for drivers if it’s not taken into account when planning regular car maintenance work; if it’s not cleaned properly from vehicles, that salt could cause corrosion and damage in general to both the exterior and even the interior of the car, since a lot of salty water does end up finding its way into the floor of the car during snowy months.

The first step towards protecting your car against road salt is taking action in autumn, before the cold sets in. Your car should receive a thorough wash that includes the underside of the vehicle, and afterward, a wax coating followed up by an application of wax sealant. The undercarriage should also be protected by a sealant, especially what constitutes the fuel and brake lines.
During winter, though, is when keeping your car clean becomes the most important part; after all, this is when road salt begins to set in. Plenty of carwashes do offer special services in those months, such as undercarriage and steam cleaning, in addition to their regular services. Afterward, you should get your car re-waxed and re-sealed.

Besides this, applying a protectant to your vehicle’s exterior vinyl and rubber surfaces is also a requirement for insulating your car’s trimmings against ozone, grime, and the elements in general, which would otherwise degrade the material quite quickly.

Don’t forget the interior.

Regarding the interior of your car, the mats you choose will be what makes the biggest difference in the maintenance of the car’s floor during these times; the best choice for your car’s floorings is a set of rubber all-weather floor mats, which have strategically designed ridges that excel in trapping water, road salt, mud and sand.
Their resistance against extreme temperatures ensures that they don’t crack, curl or harden in the coldest of weather. Thanks to this, they provide ideal coverage for your car’s actual floorings, preventing corrosion. To ensure maximum coverage, the ideal rubber all-weather set of floor mats should be ordered for a perfect fit, since those will not slip or slide down.

Said mats can also be easily maintained, as all they need to be cleaned out of salty residues is a small application of car detergent and then a rinse with a high-pressure hose. If there are any leftover particles, those can be removed with the help of a medium-length bristled brush.
If you would like a comfortable solution to fulfill these requirements, hiring the services of a mobile automobile detailing company who can come to your workplace and do several vehicles at once is the perfect balance between price and value.