The Importance of Properly Fitting Rubber Mats

rubber mats

While the exterior of a car is its most noticeable (and admired) part, it’s the inside what counts – when it comes to actually using it, of course. The interior space of your car is where you will be spending your time and as such, to make your experience a comfortable and safe one, it has to be properly taken care of. One part of this that is sometimes overlooked is the presence of appropriate mats in the car’s floor: these bear the brunt of the dirt and other substances that people unwittingly bring into the car and they help protect against the damage that wear and corrosion cause. Therefore, it is essential that you possess adequate, well-fitted rubber mats if you wish to preserve the car’s interior against the elements properly.

Rubber mats are the preferred choice for this because, in comparison with carpet mats, they have a much higher durability and are great for heavy-duty use. The different seasons of the year come with their own particular challenges and as such it is better to invest in a set of solid rubber mats that counter them than to leave this job to frailer, more decorative mats. This is not to say that rubber mats can’t also give a nice touch to your car’s floor: nowadays most of them come in pleasing designs and colors. Form and function act together to isolate the car’s floor from corrosive or staining substances such as road salt by trapping them in the mat’s surface. Besides this, rubber mats are much easier to clean and dry than the fabric of carpet mats, which is also more prone to be damaged by stains from liquid spills, for example.

Another aspect to take into account is choosing between custom, semi-custom, or universal mats. Custom mats are, of course, the priciest, but they are the ones that have the best fit and provide maximum coverage since they are tailor-made taking into account the specific model vehicle’s floorboards, regardless of the type of car you drive. Semi-custom ones are usually considered a good compromise between custom and universal mats, as they are more affordable but still match the basic floor pattern well enough. Finally, universal mats take a one-size-fits-all approach, which makes them the cheapest option, but also the less competent in terms of protection and comfort.

All in all, the best option for a lasting, comfortable and secure cover for your floors is an all-weather, custom-fit set of rubber floor mats. The initial investment you make in this is sure to pay for itself for years to come, as they are your best bet for keeping the factory carpet in the floor as clean as possible, shielding it from water, sand, mud, and dirt. They also protect you from unfortunate accidents, as they are designed with the most stringent safety requirements existing and thus they are textured in such a way that it is almost impossible to slip on them, and they don’t slide or shift around either, which is a potential hazard in the pedal area. This is particularly important during rainy spring months and during winter, when it isn’t uncommon for water to find a way inside your car thanks to wet boots or dripping umbrellas.

It is also worth mentioning that all-weather rubber mats are meant to withstand both the highest and the lowest possible temperatures, so they don’t curl, crack or harden when exposed to winter cold, for example. Mats that have curled up make for an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous floor cover, especially for the driver, as they may get in the way when driving; cracked mats leave the floors exposed, essentially negating their main purpose; and hardened mats are also hazardous due to the fact that they might lose their grip on the floor’s surface, allowing them to shuffle around. Considering that safety comes first, this is a strong point in their favor.

Remember, your choice of car floor mats will be an important aspect of your everyday driving experience in terms of comfort, style, and safety, both the car’s and yours. Informing yourself of all the characteristics of your floor mats and balancing your needs while taking them into account is the best way to go. In case you have any doubts regarding the different options there are in the market, you can always consult a specialist. If you’re located in the Greater Toronto Area, don’t hesitate to call to Wash Me Now – we specialize in interior and exterior automotive detailing and will leave your car, including the floors and mats, sparkling clean! Simply dial (647) 607-5199 and book an appointment to get your car detailed. A little quality maintenance goes a surprisingly long way!