Car Cleaning Tips: Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for Your House!

spring cleaning auto detailing

In an attempt to sweep out the cobwebs of winter and welcome in the warm spring air, there is a yearly ritual referred to as spring cleaning. For many, it includes washing windows, laundering drapery, and generally getting into nooks and crannies that they otherwise don’t think about. And yet, there is a point to spring cleaning. Not only does it keep our living space in order, but it also mirrors our excitement for warmer temperatures. We are literally welcoming spring into our homes with clean baseboards and scrubbed tiles. The same thing should be applied to car cleaning.

What about car cleaning?

Although the weather gets nicer, the vast majority of us do not suddenly shed our daily responsibilities. We still have to get to work, drive the kids to school, commute to the grocery store, and more. You do it all in your car – it is often like your second home. And winter has definitely taken a toll on it!

The outside probably resembles nothing close to the true paint colour and instead has taken on the dingy grey-brown of sleet and salt spray, especially around the bottom half. You walk wide when you open the door to avoid getting any on your jacket and you close the trunk with a fingertip because it’s dusty and dirty. And once you sit down, the inside isn’t much better. You were smart, and you put some rubber mats down under your feet. But currently, those mats are full of salt and sand, crumbling over the edges and getting ground into the carpeting underneath. The dash is dusty, and the windshield is transparent only where your wipers can reach – salt spray covers the rest. 

There is a solution!

No matter how dirty your car is, we can help! Regardless how thick the mud is on your car, or how salty the floor is, we can bring your car back to its spring-time condition with our professional car cleaning services! Wash Me Now provides expert interior and exterior detailing that will clean the winter cobwebs out of your car and help you welcome spring with open arms, and open windows.

We come to you!

Our wash truck is a self-contained mobile unit that has everything we need to de-winterize your car and clean the salt and sand out of every nook and cranny. From water to electricity, vacuum to professional cleaning supplies, we bring it all with us so you don’t have to worry about a thing!! The only thing you need to do is provide us with a time and place that works best for you. And your dirty car, of course!

No vehicle is too big or small for Wash Me Now! Whether it’s a truck, van, trailer, RV or sedan, we clean them all, inside and out! Call today to book your appointment!