Why luxury cars deserve a professional clean

luxury car detailing

There are plenty of automatic car washes out there and, while they seem quick and easy, they are not the ideal way of cleaning any car. If you own a luxury car, in particular, the last thing you want is to risk driving through a car wash that could end up doing more harm than good. It is important to understand where automatic washes fall short in order to grasp the full value of a professional hand wash.

Swirl marks

Due to the mechanical nature of automatic car washes, they are often responsible for unsightly swirl marks. The entire wash and dry process are completed by a machine, and there is usually only one attendant on duty at the entrance to guide you in. You are automatically taken through the quick wash, and this speed is one of the main reasons for these marks.


Have you ever sat through the “painful” process of a machine wash? As those brushes and cloths slap and rub against your car, you almost get the impression that something is going to break. The loud noises make you feel more like the machine is attacking your car rather than washing it! This harsh approach can result in some serious scratches.

Possible damage

There have been occasions where vehicles have been slightly and even seriously damaged during an automatic car wash. There have been many instances of antennas being bent and broken as well as side mirror damage and some drivers even manage to get their cars stuck inside! Sure, there are touchless options but these are far from effective at getting rid of stubborn dirt and grime. Damaging your luxury vehicle is not the kind of result any owner desires. Not only are repairs inconvenient but they can also be costly and your car will never really be the same.

Less than perfect job

Many drivers complain about the imperfect job performed by automatic washing equipment. There’s no precision, and one of the main complaints is that these car washes often miss a significant spot on the back of the car. When you spend a large amount of your hard-earned money on a luxury vehicle, you want to keep it in top condition, and anything less than perfect is simply not acceptable. Why pay for an imperfect wash? You will spend more time inspecting and performing touch-ups at the end of the day!

Water spots

Automatic car washes are notorious for leaving water behind. Automated washes that use air dryers to push the beads of water off your car. They do not, however, do a perfect job when it comes to completely drying every corner and crevice. Even if you don’t notice too many spots left behind, water seems to appear out of nowhere as you drive. This is because it hides in small grooves and, when you accelerate or hit the brakes, the force pushes the water out. Water spots are not only tough to get rid of, but they can also really damage your paintwork.

No wax or polish

You should never expect a professional wax or polish from any kind of machine. Whenever the car needs a wax or polish, doing it by hand is advisable. There are some automatic car washes that advertise a wash and wax, but this is nowhere near as effective as the real thing. If you invested in a luxury car, you want nothing less than the best treatment.

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