Why Call Wash Me Now For Your Truck Detailing Needs

You know it’s high time to get your truck detailed, but finding time to go to the car wash is difficult with your busy schedule. You’ve heard of our mobile car detailing service and maybe even know some people who use it—but did you know that Wash Me Now can detail your truck too?

Every Shape and Size

From a basic pickup truck to a full sized double sleeper, the powerful washing units installed in every Wash Me Now truck are capable of cleaning every vehicle. Our staff is also trained to work with every kind of vehicle, from smart cars to full length buses. When you call Wash Me Now you’re guaranteed the most professional job available in the GTA.

At Wash Me Now we believe everybody in the GTA deserves access to mobile car detailing so they can get on with their life and enjoy a consistently clean vehicle—no matter what that vehicle looks like. Your truck is a huge part of your life and your work. Getting into the driver’s seat should be a pleasure, not a reminder of all the times you should have visited the car wash.

Attention To Detail

When you spend several days at a time on the road in your truck, things get messy. Yet it’s important to keep your truck in tip top condition. This is particularly important when you spend many days on the road—after all, your environment makes a huge impact on your mental health.

Wash Me Now employees will thoroughly comb your truck, paying attention to every details. From cleaning out the corners to thoroughly steaming the carpet, we do it all. You won’t find a better company to clean your truck in the GTA.

Affordable Pricing – Truck Detailing

Taking care of your truck is expensive. Getting your truck detailed can be a huge expense in terms of both time and money.

At Wash Me Now we believe everybody deserves a clean truck, which means that truck detailing should be available for an affordable price. If you need to get your truck detailed on a tight budget in the GTA, call Wash Me Now today at (647) 607-5199 and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

If you run a large company and want several trucks detailed, our fleet of Wash Me Now trucks can handle that too—just tell us what you need and we’ll get your trucks clean on your time.

Anywhere, Anytime

We know you have a busy schedule and spend a lot of time in your truck during the week. That’s why our employees are available seven days a week, any time after seven AM, to answer your phone calls and detail your truck.

Oh, and we’ll come literally anywhere in the GTA to detail your truck. Whether you want us to meet you at the house or the office, give us the address and we’ll be there.

Convinced? Call Wash Me Now today at 647-607-5199 and let us know when and where you want us to detail your truck. Once you see how your truck sparkles when we’re finished you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us in the first place.