How Often Should I Have My Car Waxed?

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Remember driving away from the showroom in your new stunning car? The paint was fresh, glossy and shown beautifully. Skip to a few months later and you feel that the colour has somehow faded off and it is not as vibrant as before. The answer to the paint mysteriously fading off is that you haven’t waxed your car after you drove it home!

Most cars today come with a clear sealant coating from the showroom. This coating forms a barrier between the actual paint and the external environment. Usually, auto dealers promise that this clear sealant makes waxing the car unnecessary. Car detailing professionals know that nothing could be farther than the truth. Still confused?

Let’s break it down.

Car waxing is the most overlooked part of car maintenance, possibly because it requires a bit of upkeep. There is one sacred rule in the book that we car detailers follow to the boot. Get your car squeaky clean before waxing the exterior. There are good reasons for this. If your car is dirty the wax will trap it and cause friction with the paint, damaging the paint further. Also, waxing unclean cars takes more effort and the results are not as smooth.

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But why wax in the first place?

Yes, we know your new car dealer has probably waxed poetic about the new clear sealant that keeps your car looking brand new for the first year. While this is not entirely false, the external factors have a direct impact on the colour, condition of the sealant and the paint underneath. If you park your car in a garage you can extend this effect for longer. However, when it comes to parking in the driveway your car is exposed to external elements that have a direct impact on the longevity of the sealant.

This is why waxing your car a few times a year becomes crucial. Here’s why you should be considering waxing.

The fresh look – Most car owners think that is the job of the wax is to make the car look pretty and brand new. The new layer of wax instantly freshens up the look of the car. If you are looking to make an impression, don’t wait for a special occasion, just do it. Schedule in car waxing a few times a year.

  • Protects the paint

Waxing is not only for aesthetics. The wax offers an extra barrier between the paint and prevents things like UV rays, water spots, bird droppings, debris and minor scratches from affecting the paint. It also prevents the paint from oxidizing, chipping and rusting. Therefore, even if you have a clear sealant on, waxing your car is still a good idea. However, in this case, the frequency of getting your car waxed could be reduced.

  • Makes your car easier to clean

Since your car already has a wax layer on top, it prevents the dirt, debris and droppings from sticking to the paint making it easier to wash off any dirt.

  • Hides minor scratches

Do minor scratches on your car drive you crazy? Car waxing can hide them effectively. However, if you have extensive damage to the paint, it will have to be fixed by a car detailing expert through polishing. Waxing fills in minor scratches and hides them temporarily.

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How often should I have my car waxed?

How often you get your car waxed depends on a few circumstances. If you get your car washed almost every week it can reduce the potency of the car wax. The staying power also depends on the type of car wax used. Typically, spray on wax is easy to apply and you can to do it yourself, but they aren’t long-lasting. Therefore, you might have to wax your car more often.

Getting a professional wax job done by the detailer can last as long as 6 months. In which case, you might just need to wax a couple of times a year.

Other factors also play into the equation. For example, if you park your car outside a garage the wax is exposed to the external environment, therefore you might need to get your car waxed every month or two.

The weather also plays a major role in the durability of the wax. In Canada especially during winter, the salt residue can heavily damage the car paint. A layer of wax can prevent the salt from latching onto your car and easily washes off when cleaning. The slush, ice and snow combined with the salt can form a heavy layer of dirt on your car every time you take it for a drive. Therefore, the car needs to be washed more frequently than in other seasons. Regular washing also strips off layers of wax and therefore needs to be maintained more regularly.

Hence, how often you wax your car depends on the climate in your region, the kind of wax you use and the frequency of car washes. If you lack the motivation to keep waxing your car every couple of months, we recommend getting a professional wax job done on your car as they tend to last longer. Another alternative is investing in ceramic coating for your car to protect the paint. It offers 3 times as much protection and saves you the effort of waxing.

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