The Importance of Commercial Auto Detailing

exterior car detailing

Car maintenance can sometimes feel like a task. But you already wash your car every few months why do you need to care about car detailing, you ask. There is a difference. 

Think about how much time you spend in a car. If you live in Canada, the number is close to one to two and a half-hour spent inside the car each day. That is a long time to stay in the car and having to deal with the mess that inevitably happens when you own a car. No matter how much time you spend tidying up, your car is never as clean as when you drove away from the showroom.

If you have kids and pets, the dirt and damage to your car interiors are acute and you certainly do need more than a regular car wash. A car wash just removes superficial dirt and grime from the exteriors, it does not clean up the interiors. The more you leave the car interiors messy, the more you increase the likelihood of germ contamination. And if you have little kids, this could make them sick. Therefore, opting for a car detailing service bi-annually is a good investment that has an immediate payoff.

Let’s break down what interior and exterior car detailing are in the first place.

Interior Car Detailing

Unlike the mechanical and automated process of a car wash, interior car detailing is a personalized job. The detailing expert has to clean every nook and cranny by hand.

You can expect the clean up of the seat, carpets, glove compartment, dashboards and the glass panes. That annoying crack in between the gearbox where things mysteriously disappear? Yep, the experts pay close attention to them.

If you have been cleaning the car interiors by yourself you might have noticed how it doesn’t last or the car seat covers are inevitably damaged every time you use a car detergent. That is because most off-the-shelf products are generic and not suited for a particular type of car seat cover. The experts, on the other hand, know how to clean and protect the interiors and customize the use of products as per the material. 

Plus, if your car interiors are especially dusty or riddled with pet hair, a detailing expert will vacuum and re-vacuum from the top of the interior to bottom for a clean result. The carpets and mats are also steam-cleaned to remove the dust and debris accumulated over time. And yes, those leather trimmings are paid close and gentle attention to, the experts use only the superior quality product that is compatible to maintain it.

Exterior Car Detailing

You might think that a car wash is enough to take care of your car exteriors, but the answer is sadly no. It does not clean the surface as intricately as an expert does. One great reason to opt for car detailing is so an expert can get under the hood and pay special attention to the engine bay. They not only de-grease it and but also rinse it with the right products. Car owners usually don’t know how to clean under the hood or completely ignore it. But maintaining this part is essential to ensure the long functioning of the car.

Also, the car wash doesn’t clean the brake lights, as your detailer does. From your tires and tire rims to the exterior paint, everything is paid special attention to. The paint surface is then polished and topped off with a sealant for long-lasting results. 

Thus, to summarize, Car Detailing forms an important part of car maintenance that can’t be ignored. Here are some tangible benefits of car detailing.

Ensures that your loved ones don’t get sick

This is a real thing. Unhygienic car interiors can increase the germs and cause your kids and pets to fall sick often. The key is to get it steam cleaned to get rid of all the dirt and grime and kill the bacteria that result in illnesses.

Improves the resale value of your car

If you are planning to sell off your car soon, you should consider getting your car detailed. It makes most cars look professionally cleaned and almost new. This also increases your resale price and you could end up with a sweet deal.

Ensures you get more fuel economy

Getting the car tires and the engine clean can improve the fuel efficiency of your car. The dirt and debris on your car tire are not offering you the best possible performance that your engine can provide.

It stinks less

There is no shame in accepting that your car had a particular stench at one point in time. We’ve all been there. Maybe it was your pet, your new baby or even the quick bite from the drive-thru that created all the mess. A visit to the detailer is enough to drive off the stench and even deodorize the interiors.

Superior driving experience

Okay, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love driving in a car that feels brand new! From the squeaky clean windows to the steam-cleaned carpets to the gearbox, everything looks pristine and it sure makes your car a pleasant place to be in. It also offers functional benefits of a clean tire, engine and clean headlights and makes for a safer and smoother drive. A clean car even makes the most dreadful of drives feel like a pleasure.

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