3 Issues We’ve Seen With Regular Car Washes

3 issues we see with regular car washes


At Wash Me Now we have been providing excellent car cleaning and detailing services for many years. We believe in supplying the best possible service for your car so that it looks fantastic. 

Throughout our years of cleaning cars, we have noticed some common issues that occur when using the standard drive-through car washes. With less control, naturally, the car wash will not be as effective and due to this, it can lead to a lacklustre cleaning job. Unfortunately, we have also noticed issues that go beyond dirt left on the exterior of the car

Here are 3 issues we frequently encounter when cleaning cars that have previously gone through a drive-through car wash. 


1. Doesn’t Properly Clean the Car 

Something we have seen time and time again is drive-through car washes not properly cleaning a vehicle. With jets of water coming from random angles, you’re bound to miss some spots. This is also a problem with the wipers. They just go over the general outline of your car and don’t get into the cracks, where most dirt is prone to accumulate. 

At Wash Me Now, we take our time to ensure we get to every crack and crevice of the car so the end results look stunning. We do everything with a hose controlled by one of our experts, who then uses a cloth to ensure not a drop of dirt has been left behind.  


2. Bristles That Scratch Car Paint 

A more serious problem that we have seen is drive-through car washes scratching the paint on cars. The bristles that are installed in the washers are very stiff and controlled by a machine that cannot control the amount of pressure that is being put onto your vehicle. This leads to the bristles scratching the paint on your car. Over multiple uses, this can really start to degrade the look of your vehicle and may even require a paint job to fix. 

The experts at Wash Me Now only use microfibre cloths which will never scratch the surface of your car. Our team is patient when cleaning every vehicle so they are sure never to damage your car in any way. 


3. Unknown Chemicals 

When using a drive-through car wash, you’re never sure exactly what they are mixing with the soap they are using. Something we have noticed is that some will use acid-based products. 

Acid-based products can break down your car’s clear coat over time and leave your vehicle exposed to further damage. UV rays and paint degradation can begin to occur when the clear coat on your car is broken down. It can be unsightly and cost you a lot of money in the long run. This, combined with bristles scratching your car, can make drive-through car washes very unsafe for your car. 

When cleaning your car, Wash Me Now only uses biodegradable materials that cannot do any damage to your clear coat. We are very careful about what we use to clean your car to ensure that there is absolutely no chance of us damaging your car. 


While it may seem like a quick and easy way to clean your car, the damage drive-through car washes can cause are not worth the convenience. Using them can also cost you a lot of money in the long run. The cost can be as small as having to pay for a second car wash or as big as having to pay for a new clear coat or paint job for your car. 

At Wash Me Now we respect your vehicle and are always taking every precaution necessary to ensure that we do not damage it during the cleaning process. 

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